Particle measurement for the ideal air filter

Ecolucht visits companies and government buildings throughout Western Europe for CO2 and particulate matter measurements. To measure = to know. We use reliable measurement data for advice on the ideal air filters. Fine dust, bacteria, viruses, smog; unhealthy air can be harmful to health. Have your workplace or living environment measured by Ecolucht.

Air filter consult

The measurement of particulate matter, VOC and formaldehyde in the air plays an important role in selecting a suitable air filter. To what extent is there air pollution? What are your goals? How much power does your ventilation system have? The added value of our air quality measurement:
  • » multifunctional air quality measurement (particles, formaldehyde, TVOC, RH, CO2)
  • » callibrated particle meters and formaldehyde meters
  • » know-how about air quality and air filters
  • » report with measurement results, analysis and air quality recommendations
  • » air pressure
  • » upgrade solutions for minipleat filter

When to measure?

In the event of uncertainty about the air quality, presence of particulate matter and / or volatile organic compounds in business areas, living environments, production locations, collection locations, etc., in various circumstances. Such as:
  • » Health protection
  • » Increasing complaints about colds, headaches and eye irritation
  • » Uncertainty about your HVAC ventilation system
  • » High risk environments such as schools, healthcare and corona policy
  • » When determining the influence of the outdoor climate on the indoor climate
  • » For new construction & renovations