Combined minipleatfilters with carbonfilter

Minipleatfilters protect you against particles in various sizes. Though, many locations also have to deal with air pollution from gases and VOC. Combined air filters with a carbonfilter can also clean your air against formaldehyde, vapors and smog.

Filterboxes with an integrated carbonfilter offer a maximum filter surface in a compact design, which delivers an efficient solution. Minipleat filters and filterboxes are delivered in standard dimensions or a customised dimension.

Synergy between minipleatfilter and carbonfilter:

  • » Very efficient absorption of particulate matter and VOC / Formaldehyde
  • » Suitable for air flowsnelheid 0,15 - 0,25 m / s
  • » Filtermedium connected to frame with airtight connection
  • » Carbon filter foam also available on demand