Hepa H14 minipleatfilter

A H14 minipleatfilter offers best in class protection against viruses, bacteria and particles. As minipleat filter specialist we can deliver a variety of minipleat filters including H14 hepafilters. Hepa-quality filters often cause a major pressure drop. Therefore, we recommend to measure if you can switch to minipleat filters with better aerodynamics, filter efficiency and 20x higher dust holding capacity.

H14 Hepa filters are often applied in the healthcare sector or cleanrooms. Since the corona lockdown we realise also in many other locations for Hepafilters in ventilation systems or as standalone air purifiers. These are the only filters with the ability to clean air from ultrafine particles such as aerosol. Regular air filters are too coarse. We can supply H14 filters in all kinds of dimensions:
  • Particle size for viruses:   0,01 µm - 0,1 µm
  • Particle size for bacteria:  0,1 µ - 12 µm

H14 minipleatfilters for a lower pressure drop

You should take into account that an H14 hepa filter retains more dust particles than a coarser filter. Your system must have a lot of power to maintain a good air flow. Upgrade your filter to a Minipleat filter for better aerodynamics. A strong airflow in combination with a solid filter efficiency. Furthermore you don't have to replace minipleat filters so often, due to 20x bigger dust holding capacity.
Filter class: Efficiency at 0,3 µm Air flow rate: Pressure loss:
EU10 85% 580 m³/h  
EU11 95% 580 m³/h 100 Pa
EU12 99,5% 580 m³/h 160 Pa
H13 99,95% 580 m³/h  220 Pa
H14 99995% 390 m³/h  170 Pa 

H14 air filters – applications

Liaise with us about solutions with a H14 hepa filter in your air treatment system. In addition to standard dimensions, we can also produce customized solutions, for example for offices, public transport or public buildings.