Service for a better air quality:

  • » Air quality measurement for particulate matter / CO2 / formaldehyde / VOC
  • » Analysis of ventilation system and air filter dimensions & specs
  • » Filter class and air flow objectives
  • » What is the air flow through the equipment?
  • » Environmental conditions for air filter use
  • » Upgrade solutions for minipleat filters

What filterclass?

The filterclass of an air filter is the main indicator for the filter performance. Different standards are used for the classification of air filters for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A common filter class classification for Europe concerns G1-G4, M5-M6, F7-F9 according EN 779 and EN 1822 EPA- and (H) EPA-filter class E10-E12 and H13-H14.

In 2018, ISO 16890 will replace EN 779. The new ISO standard simplifies the selection of air filters by differentiating the processing of specific particle groups.

Points of attention when ordering an air filter

Ecolucht is your partner to get more efficiency out of your ventilation system. We match your air quality goals with a higher filter capacity and better air flow. Top quality German airfilters are the essential success factor in terms of aerodynamics, filter media, durability and seals.

Cost-efficient operation of the filter is achieved through an optimal balance between a high filter efficiency and a low pressure drop. Ecolucht is happy to help you select the ideal air filter.