Hepa minipleatfilters

For 99.95% filtering of small particles we supply minipleatfilters according hepa quality H13 or H14. Hepa filters offer the very best protection against particles, viruses and bacteria. Please note that the Hepa filters are often misleadingly used as general term for air filters. These must require in the specs on H13 / H14 filter class performance to be called Hepa.

The competitive advantages of a minipleat filter is the ultra-strong filter performance in combination with maximum dust holding capacity and aerodynamics. The innovative minipleat filters cause a smaller pressure drop than regular air filters. This enables your ventilation system to filter more particles at an equal or better air flow. Especially with the corona prevention ambitions we notice a growing demand for hepa minipleat filters.

Minipleat Hepa filter

  • » maximum filter efficiency
  • » superior dust holding capacity
  • » excellent reliability
  • » aerodynamic plastic frame for a lower pressure drop
  • » easy to install
  • » durable consistent filter performance
  • » advanced design for excellent airtightness
  • » integration possible with a carbonfilter

HEPA air filters RS

These pleated filter media are offered in aluminum frames in various dimensions. The filter media are high-quality, wet-laid fiberglass materials. They are sealed in the frame by an airtight joint.

Characteristics Hepa filter type RS

  • » Hepa filter class H13 - H14 (EN 1822)
  • » reliable operation even at 100% relative humidity
  • » max 80 ° C
  • » airtight connection
  • » anodized aluminum frame
  • » Continuous foamed seal on one side, standard equipment
  • » Standard equipped with a powder-coated protective grid on both sides

Dimensions Hepa air filter RS en type MS: WxHxD

  • 305 x 305 x 66 mm
  • 457 x 457 x 66 mm
  • 610 x 610 x 66 mm
  • 762 x 762 x 66 mm
  • 915 x 915 x 66 mm

HEPA-air filters MS

Due to the cheaper frame material, the series MS filters are a cost saving alternative to filters in metal frames. These pleated filter media are available in a variety of dimensions. The filter media are high-quality, wet-laid fiberglass materials.

Characteristics Hepa filter type MS
  • » Filter class M6 - F9 (EN 779)
  • » Filter class E10 - H14 (EN 1822)
  • » Reliable operation up to 80 ° C
  • » airtight connection
  • » MDF-frame is standard
  • » plastic, stainless steel - available on request
  • » Continuous foamed seal on one side, standard equipment
  • » Cost savings compared to type RS with aluminium


in filter class M6 - H14

Hepa quality cartridge filters are frequently used in heating / ventilation / air-conditioning systems, laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants and dust extraction systems at workplaces.

Their compact design makes EMW® cartridge filters ideal for use in applications with limited space available. Our static cylindrical filters (cartridge filters) offer the same compact construction and suitability for applications with limited space. The filter media are high-quality, wet-laid glass fiber materials.

Dimensions cartridgefilters (WxHxD):

  • 176 x 226 mm
  • 176 x 176 mm
  • 200 x 200 mm
  • 200 x 400 mm
  • 220 x 140 mm