Filter class options with minipleatfilters

When you buy a minipleatfilter, always ask for the filter class. You can easily measure the filter performance by renting a calibrated reliable particle meter. Hepafilter are often mentioned but in reality they do not perform as H13 / H14 filter performance. Most ventilation systems apply coarse filters and have little power to really adopt hepa filters.

Filter class selection

To measure = to know! You can rent a particle meter or let us execute an air quality measurement. First understand to what extent you suffer from air pollution and what polluters are floating in the air. It is also important to measure the capacity of your installation. A finer filter will produce more pressure drop. With a minipleat filter you can achieve better aerodynamics. It is important to realize which filter class your installation could adopt.

Filter class

Top quality air filters

As air quality specialist we support you measuring the air quality and implementing the right solition for cleaner air. The top quality air filters are being produced along the following milestones:
  • » aerodynamics in combination with a high filter performance
  • » top quality material for better reliability / durability
  • » natuural glassfibres
  • » all dimensions
  • » Made in Germany along the ISO 16890 norm