Hepa air purifier

This filter foam forms a very effective biofilm to which micro-organisms adhere, even with little oxygen. The Poret filter foam creates an ideal biofilm living environment to clean your wastewater. Application areas:
  • » sewage treatment up to approximately 1,000 m²
  • » industrial waste water treatment
  • » car wash
  • » fish farms
  • » contaminated water
Biofilm filter foam is very suitable for biological waste water purification using an aeration tank and little oxygen. It separates the secondary sludge from the water. Key benefits of our filter foam at a glance:
  • » durable living environment for biofilm
  • » strong reduction of secondary sludge
  • » nitrogen reduction
  • » user-friendly easy to use
  • » durable & wear-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 12255-7: 2002