Carbonfilters to prevent against formaldehyde

Integrated with your air filter you can add a carbonfilter to purify formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds from the air. These vapors and gases happen in many occasions such as:
  • » Construction: building materials, adhesives, paint, chipboard, mdf
  • » Textile, leather and carpet
  • » Disinfectants
  • » Facade cleaning
  • » Chemistry & cosmetics

Ecolucht has formaldehyde and VOC meters to measure formaldehyde.

Carbon filter for your HVAC system

Based on the measurement results, your ventilation system and your living climate wishes, we can recommend and quote a carbon filter that fits your system. We also often supply combined filters where the air filter and carbon filter are integrated in one box. This way you are protected against fine dust, coarse dust particles and also polluted vapors / gases.