Minipleatfilters to protect against corona

You can filter the ultra-fine coronaviruses and bacteria with hepafilters. Still then pay attention we cannot guarantee a completely risk-free environment. A standard M5 or F9 air filter is too coarse. Only cleanrooms normally have hepa filters on the work floor. You will find them in the hospital or in a datacenter. Practically every workplace, every government building currently works with far too coarse air filters for catching viruses or bacteria.

Order aerodynamic minipleatfilters to prevent against ultrafine particles and aerosol. We implement air quality measurements and measure your ventilation system on air pressure. Normally your HVAC system requires a lot of power to combine a solid air flow with a Hepafilter. A minipleat filter is a better solution due to a lower pressure drop: The key benefits to prevent corona with Minipleat hepafilters:
  • » maximum filter efficiency
  • » maximum filtermedia-surface
  • » Made in Germany
  • » aerodynamica for a lower pressure drop
  • Particle size of a coronavirus:   0,01 µm - 0,2 µm
  • Particle size of bacteria:  0,1 µ - 12 µm
Filter class: Efficiency at 0,3 µm Air flow rate: Pressure loss:
EU10 85% 580 m³/h  
EU11 95% 580 m³/h 100 Pa
EU12 99,5% 580 m³/h 160 Pa
H13 99,95% 580 m³/h  220 Pa
H14 99995% 390 m³/h  170 Pa