Minipleatfilters in hospitality sector

You can improve the air quality in your lobby, rooms, restaurant and kitchen with our mini-pleat filters and carbon filters. From hotels, restaurants to kitchens; it is important to measure and upgrade your HVAC system. We provide optimal filter performance to prevent against particles and VOC.

As minipleat filter specialist we deliver: Since the Coronavirus situation, we get many questions about aerosols, particulate matter, formaldehyde and CO2 issues in hospitality locations such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Added to this is the enormous particulate matter emissions in kitchens. There are plenty of air quality challenges in the hospitality sector. Ask our sales engineers for advice. The ideal starting point to assess the situation based on measurements and to give advice on filters for:
  • » lower CO2 output
  • » better health
  • » healthy working area
  • » satisfied customers & employees
You can read more about the benefits of our air filters on this website. We also supply standalone air purifiers in hospitality rooms if your central HVAC system cannot provide sufficient capacity. Read more about:
  • » better filter performance
  • » lower pressure drop with minipleat filters
  • » what filterclass G3 – H14 would you need in your hotel, restaurant or bar?