Minipleat filters to prevent against particles

Particulate matter are not visible with the eyes when it concerns the smallest particles, which makes it a risky situation in your living environment. Complaints regarding particulate matter start with irritated body parts in skin, eyes and throat. Ultra-fine dust in particular can cause further damage to your health. Headaches and respiratory complaints are early health risks. In the long run it can even lead to COPD, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

It is essential when selecting an effective air filter measuring the particulate matter present by dust particle size. The the finest dust particles such as viruses and bacteria you can better filter it from the air with a Hepafilter. But these go right through coarser filters.

Particulate matter is a major problem in an urbanized environment with a lot of traffic and industry. We also measure higher values ​​for printers, building materials and pets. Regular M4/M5 air filters are unsuitable for effectively filtering fine particles. They are often used in a coarse variant in ventilation systems to purify coarse dust particles and not to slow down the air flow too much.

Find out how you can filter fine dust with a minipleat filter and maintain the airflow at the right level.