Minipleat filter at school

You can improve the air quality at school with our minipleat filters. Maximise the filter efficiency or your actual ventilation system. We supply:
  • » Air quality measurements / meters (CO2, particle measurement, formaldehyde, VOC)
  • » A-quality air filters (made in Germany)
  • » Minipleat filters for better aerodynamics (air flow)
  • » long life filters with bigger storage
  • » various filterdimensions for your school HVAC system
  • » upgrade from M6 to F8 air filter with minipleat technology
Since the coronavirus situation we visit many schools, universities and nurseries with our air quality services. Our mission is to improve your indoor climate concerning CO2, particles, formaldehyd and aerosol. Start an air quality measurement by renting a particle meter or outsource your measurement to an Ecolucht expert. The ideal fact-based start to select the right air filter. Key benefits of minipleat filters at school:
  • » satisfied employees
  • » better concentration
  • » lower absenteeism rate
  • » better protection against viruses and bacteria
You can read more about the benefits of our minipleat filters on this website. In some situations, we also install separate air purifiers if your ventilation system cannot provide sufficient capacity. Our vision:
  • » upgrade your air filter
  • » lower pressure drop with minipleat filters
  • » what filterclass M6 – H14 would you need at school?