EU12 minipleatfilters

Ecolucht is your specialist for advanced EU 10 to H14 minipleat filters. A high efficiency filter for a healthy working environment. A EU12 minipleat filter offers solid protection againt fine particles. It requires a powerful HVAC system to keep your healthy ventilation airflow. As pressure drops for EU12 filters a stronger than E10 – E11 filters. We recommend to upgrade your air filters to minipleat filters for better aerodynamics and maximum filtermedia surface.

As minipleat filter specialist we supply a wide range of minipleat filters matching the EN 779, EN 1822 and ISO 16890 quality standards. Made in Germany E12 minipleat filters with multiple advantages:
  • » optimal filterefficiency for clean air
  • » maximum and reliability
  • » aerodynamics for lower pressure drop
  • » energy cost savings
  • » longer lifecycle
Filter class: Efficiency at 0,3 µm Air flow rate: Pressure loss:
EU10  85% 580 m³/h  
EU11 95% 580 m³/h 100 Pa
EU12 99,5% 580 m³/h 160 Pa
H13 99,95% 580 m³/h  220 Pa
H14 99995% 390 m³/h  170 Pa 

EU12 minipleat filter - product types

n the table above you can read that a EU12 minipleat filter offers good protection against fine particles. You cannot filter corona effectively. For this purpose we recommend to use a Hepafilter.

Example EU12 minipleatfilter MPK412-20  MPK412-31
Filter class  EU12 EU12
Dimensions  592x592x296 mm  592x592x400 mm
Air flow [m³ / h] 3400 3400
Efficiency % at MPPS = 99,5  = 99,5
Initial pressure drop [Pa] 345 261