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F7 minipleat filters

Upgrade your F7 pocket filter towards a minipleat filter. For better filter performance and a stronger aerodynamic airflow.

A F7 minipleat filter is an effective air filter for regular working spaces with average air quality. As minipleat filter specialist we can supply F7 air filters in various dimensions, frames and applications. With a broad product portfolio pocket filters, panel filters and advanced minipleat filters. Order your air filters at Ecolucht for the best value for money.

Ecolucht helps you measuring your air quality and consults on the most suitable filter. You can rent our particle meters or we send an expert. We measure CO2, particles, formaldehyde, VOC and humidity. In parallel we measure your pressure levels on your ventilation system. In this way we can analyse what F8 or F9 minipleat filters we can supply to improve your air quality. Discover the Ecolucht benefits:
  • » air quality measurement / particle meter rent
  • » minipleat filters with better aerodynamics
  • » maximum filter surface for maximum dust holding capacity
  • » filter efficiency optimisation
  • » F7 Minipleat filters and other airfilters in all kinds of dimensions

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F7 Minipleatfilter Example MPK47-20  MPK47-31
Filter class  F7  F7
Dimensions  592x592x296 mm  592x592x400 mm
Air flow [m³ / h] 4250 4250
Average weight arrestance [%] > 98 > 98
Average efficiency [%], 0,4 µm = 80  = 80
Initial pressure drop [Pa], 4250 m³ / h 110 110
Initial pressure drop [Pa], 3400 m³ / h 101 105
Dust holding capacity ** [g] at 450 Pa, 4250 m³ / h 74 81
Dust holding capacity ** [g] at 450 Pa, 3400 m³ / h 768 1055